The school will take place in two venues:  Ciudad Universitaria of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and the second one is the Tandar building – Centro Atómico Constituyentes.  

The  theoretical classes will take place always in Ciudad Universitaria, specifically  at the “Aula Magna”  (first floor of the Pabellón 1)  for the first week and in different classrooms during the second one

                                               22/11: Aula Magna

                                               23/11: Aula Magna

                                               24/11: Aula Magna

                                               27/11: Aula 3

                                               28/11: Aula 8

                                               29/11: Aula 9

The practical sessions will be held in different locations, at  “Ciudad Universitaria” and “Centro Atómico Constituyentes”. A chartered transportation will be available between the two venues after the theoretical sessions.

The poster session will be held saturday morning  25th at the Hall of the Aula Magna at the CU- UBA.

The registration desk will be located on the first floor of the First  Pavillion (Pabellon 1), in the Hall  in front of the Aula Magna entrance and will be open in the following hours:

 Wednesday 22   8.00am-12.00pm

 Thursday 23       9.00am-12pm

 Friday 24             9.00am-12pm